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Cityscape Tiles Quilt

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This easy, bold quilt pattern is now included with the Stack-n-Whack® 45° Tool. If you already have the tool, you can download the pattern here.

Cityscape Tiles is adapted from the Checkerboard Tiles quilt in Stack-n-Whack®-ipedia. It's been scaled down to an 8" block for a 48" x 64" throw quilt. The pattern includes special instructions for the Clothworks City Dreams panel print used in the sample designs, as well as yardages for other fabric choices.

Important Note: This pattern is designed to be cut with the Stack-n-Whack® 45° Tool. The pattern measurements may need to be modified for other ruler brands.

Please also download the "Stack-n-Whack® Basics" PDF.

Cityscape Tiles Quilt, Lt. Navy/Aqua version

Cityscape Tiles Quilt, Indigo/Gold version

The Clothworks City Dreams panel, shown in Indigo. Fabric designed by Karen Gillis Taylor.